Hiring a children's book illustrator


First, you need a good story that has been edited, read aloud, edited again, shared and edited again - and a few more agains! The author, Conrad Storad often says, he's not a writer but a 'rewriter' as he really works at achieving a highly polished manuscript before the illustrator ever begins the first sketches.


A well written, potential children's book classic in hand, you then find your children's book illustrator. Look at their portfolio. Could you see their illustration style working well with the vision of your children's book in mind?


Consider what your purpose is for putting energy in the form of time and money into your children's story. Do you want to create a family treasure? Do you want to sell millions of copies? Be able to say you have published a children's book in your lifetime?


Determine your budget. How much will you spend to realize your vision?


Ready? Connect with Nate. 
He has gained a great deal of experience and has a willingness to help others achieve their dreams.

Nate has worked with many individuals guiding them through the entire process from character sketches to layout to beautifully rendered artwork to getting your children's book ready to go to press.

Pricing is based on schedule, complexity of the illustrations desired and  publishing decisions.

What is unique is that you communicate directly with the artist and help guide your book's look and feel. This is something you don't get working with a publisher.